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Everything you can ask for in a performance management tool.

The dynamics in the workplace are shifting every day. Employee engagement and retention have evolved.

Slick is an all-in-one tool that builds up the company by motivating employees and managers to share and contribute to the company’s growth. It strengthens company culture and core values. Managers and administrators can now enjoy a gamified version of top-notch performance and productivity.


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Whether you’re a team of five people or a multinational corporate with teams of more than a thousand people, the Slick platform can sustain and adapt to what your company and teams need.


Every module you need (and more) in one kick ass tool.

Human Resource Information System

Experience end-to-end human resource management like never before. With all important documents and critical processes easily accessible in one module, your HR efforts will be on a totally different level.

Metrics Module

Show your team members the bigger picture and let them feel empowered to best contribute to the organization’s goals. With Slick’s Metrics Module, each employee can now have a direct important on the performance of the company and stay focused on what matters most. Plus, managers and supervisors can now track individual and team progress so everyone always knows where they stand.

Idea Module

Fuel creativity and innovation with a repository of ideas and keep track of the most effective ones. Employees are usually dying to share ideas on how to improve your company, see what creativity can do and open these idea floodgates.

Evaluation Module

Enable a systematized and collaborative evaluation and coaching system. With regular feedback and continuous performance evaluation, your team will grow and excel together. See how evaluations can get you your company’s pulse with simple and efficient timely forms.

Rewards Catalogue

Celebrate milestones and achievements with this gamified system. Choose from a variety of premium and auction items for different rewards.


Create custom awards to boost morale and motivation. With both positive and constructive badges, this system will surely change the way your team values feedback.


Accessible dashboards will give you an overview of your data in real-time, all in one place. You’ll be able to manage these activities more efficiently, leaving you with room to dive deeper in other human resource activities.

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Here are some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Got a question not answered below? Feel free to contact us!

We offer three different packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. To know more about which package is the right fit for your team, you can request a demo from us.
The whole branding of Slick can be customizable to match your company’s branding. The Super Admin can access the customization module in their platform’s Settings, upload the company’s logo, and set the preferred color for the software.
Yes! One of Slick’s best features is that you can access the data you need easily. This is made possible by filtering according to different categories, such as department type, employee name, etc.
You get to decide how a team member becomes eligible for badges and rewards. Slick won’t dictate it for you. You can set it all up to align with your organizational culture and corporate values.
The Super Admin has full access control and can import bulk users using Slick’s import function and can also assign other users to take on Admin roles. Admins are employees with admin rights and this role is usually assigned to team managers.

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