About Slick

Slick is a performance management tool and rewards and engagement software rolled in one. It’s flexible, very customizable, and easy to use, making it a truly rewarding experience for the team.

Rise High With Slick

The tool that will change your team’s mindset while boosting productivity.

Slick was designed with the goal of taking your workplace engagement and culture to the next level.

Its collection of modules and features are all tied back to your big picture goals. Slick integrates well with any business, fueling a healthy working environment that focuses on top notch outcomes.

Goal Alignment

Create, assign, edit, and track your team’s goals and targets effectively and efficiently.

Performance Management

You’ll be amazed at what a systematized review and evaluation process is like.

Collaborative Mindset

A company that listens to its team members is a company that knows success.


Never have to worry about the security of all important human resource files and documents.

See for yourself how Slick can change the way you work.

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Why Slick?

Slick was developed with the workforce in mind. Each module and feature of Slick was created to help companies translate the internal dynamics into measurable outputs.
Slick helps teams achieve a strong workforce, both internally and externally.

  • Branding-friendly.

    Make it your own by integrating your logo, corporate colors, icons, and even the badges.

  • Gamified and simplified.

    This makes feedback an exciting part of company culture, not something to dread.

  • Celebrates culture.

    It contributes to building a workforce of happy and motivated employees and a solid organizational culture.

Engaged Employees. Empowered Company.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Transform the way you manage review cycles, celebrating achievements, and monitoring your targets.
Slick integrates with different kinds of businesses, and fits in like a puzzle piece.


Metrics Module

Idea Module

Evaluation Module




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