Evaluation Module

Regular conversations between peers, managers, supervisors, and direct reports are essential to any workforce’s dynamics. Slick’s Evaluation Module facilitates a safe and systematized system for regular review cycles and coaching opportunities.

Streamline your reviews.

Smooth evaluation cycles.

Open communication and constructive feedback can boost morale and performance.

The Evaluation Module helps clear the way for feedback to be used as the basis for concrete actionable and next steps.

360 Evaluation and Review

Encourage feedback from various sources to ensure that all opinions and insights contribute to each person’s growth.

Various Evaluation Periods

Choose and customize between weekly or quarterly reviews depending on what’s best for your team.

Overview of Evaluators

Access the networks of evaluators to keep track of their activity status and responsibilities.

Automated Workflows

Make your employees save time by setting up your evaluation cycles in advance so you can easily track progress.

Start Having the Conversations That Drive Results

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  • Focused on growth and development.

    Feedback presents solid touch points on how individuals can push themselves beyond their comfort zones.

  • Transparency and openness.

    Open communication with one another helps foster better collaboration and innovation.

  • More time to focus on people.

    The systematized process will give higher-ups more time to focus on the human and qualitative aspects of the reviews.

Engaged Employees. Empowered Company.

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